“Dying to Meet You” show a great success

The Merredin Repertory Club’s final performance of the show “Dying to Meet You” occurred on the 12 August 2018, and was a great success.

Directed by Louise French, there were 6 performances of “Dying to Meet You” (3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 August 2018), and featured both experienced and new actors on stage.

The cast were:
Barbara Taylor – played by Michelle (Meg) Gethin
Richard Taylor – played by Bob French
Tom – played by David Pettit
Beryl – played by Katie Endersbee
Clive – played by Salzar Rahman
Gina – played by Kayla O’Connor
Luciano Binetti – played by Mal Harper
Miss Clara Simmins – played by Louise French

Cast photo

The cast of “Dying to Meet You”.
L-R: Louise French, Salzar Rahman, Katie Endersbee, Bob French, David Pettit, Meg Gethin, Kayla O’Connor, Mal Harper
(Photo by Grant Stainer)

There were lots of laughs, and a few surprises when it came to lines.
An entertaining example is where Richard and Barbara are discussing what their son Graham took when he left home. Richard’s line is “No, there’s also my green corduroy jacket and my brown suede…”, at which point Barbara is meant to interrupt. However, this interruption was not always instant, which meant that Richard named an extra item, different each performance, that Graham had taken. The final performance saw Richard mention that his “antique terracotta bedpan” had gone missing!
At the end of Act 2, when Barbara was chasing Richard around the room, she threw her handbag and toilet plunger at Richard as they ran up the stairs, items which certainly made a thud when they hit the wall backstage!
There are also events behind the scenes, such as the fact that Bob broke the stairs when he fell down them! Bob had made the stairs very well too!

Our new actors, Salzar Rahman and Kayla O’Connor did a fantastic job, especially given that each character in this play had a large number of lines. Kayla did a great Italian accent too.
Our experienced actors too did a great job. Meg and Bob certainly did a great job of looking like a genuine couple, as did Katie and David. Louise and Mal played their parts well too, with Louise looking very genuine when at collapsing when the ‘dead’ come to life!

Gina and Richard in discussion
Gina (Kayla O’Connor) and Richard (Bob French) in discussion.
(Photo by Grant Stainer)