Past shows

Posters in the Tivoli Room of the Cummins Theatre showing some of the previous shows of the Merredin Repertory Club.

Here are the shows that the Merredin Repertory Club has performed since 2006.

Mid-year show goes terribly wrong (Director: Chloe Flockart) (Unfortunately this was cancelled due to covid)
End of year show – Pending

Breaking and Entering (Director: Clayton Murray)
The Reluctant Bride (Director: Mal Harper)
The Pirate Prince (Directors: Grant Stainer and Chloe Flockart)

Barbeque (Director: Kevin Tengvall)
Anger Management (Director: Michelle Gethin)

A little box of Oblivion (Director: Mal Harper)
‘Allo ‘Allo (Directors: Michelle Gethin and Kevin Tengvall)
Dotti’s Inheritance (Director: Louise French)
Isn’t it odd (Director: Louise French)
Traveller’s Table (Director: Grant Stainer)

Harem Scarem (Directors: David Pettit and Gemma Romeo)
Dying to Meet You (Director: Louise French)
White Lies (Director: Meg Gethin)
At the Gates of Valhalla (Director: Meg Gethin)

Alice in Cuckooland (Director: Kevin Tengvall)
The Health and Safety Inspector (Director: Meg Gethin)
The Not So Great Escape (Director: Meg Gethin)
Coffee Morning Chaos (Director: Meg Gethin)
Happy Campers (Director: Bob French)
Annie’s Love (Director: Katie Endersbee)
Yard Sale (Director: Meg Gethin)

Lady Godiva (Director: Louise French)
Ghosts at the Grange (Director: Debbie Tengvall)

Shenanigan’s Wake (Director: David Pettit)
Curiosity Cat (Directors: Louise French and Teghan Horne)

Hacienda del Toro (Director: Kevin Tengvall)
Up the Garden Path (Director: Kevin Tengvall)
Dear Diet Diary (Director: Debbie Tengvall)
Kevin’s Above (Director: Katie Endersbee)

Smalls Talk (Director: Mal Harper)
Golf, Marriage, and other Murderous Matters (Director: Louise French)

Robin Hood and His Merry Men (Directors: Mal Harper and Chrissy Harper)
Zoo (Director: Grant Stainer)
Two Weddings and a Conference (Director: Debbie Tengvall)

Scrooge – A Christmas Carol (Directors: Louise French and Meg Gethin)
I Only Have Fangs For You (Director: David Pettit)

The Three Musketeers (Directors: Mal Harper and Bob French)

Jack and the Beanstalk (Director: Kevin Tengvall)
An Uplifting Event – Bra Unclipping (Director: Louise French)
Farmer will swap harvester for wife (Director: Kristina Haggerty)

Sailing South (Directors: Meg Gethin and Kevin Tengvall)
Love or Nearest Offer (Director: Bob French)
Love and Other Flushes (Director: Beth Smith)
Love to Declare (Director: Vicki Moore)

Ma Baker’s Tonic (Directors: Mal Harper and Greg Shea)
A Little Murder never Hurt Anybody (Directors: Meg Gethin and Clayton Murray)

Jest at the West (Directors: Mal Harper and Greg Shea)