Past shows

Vases on the bar in the show 'Allo 'Allo

Here are the shows that the Merredin Repertory Club has performed since 2006.

A little box of Oblivion (Director: Mal Harper)
‘Allo ‘Allo (Directors: Michelle Gethin and Kevin Tengvall)

Harem Scarem (Directors: David Pettit and Gemma Romeo)
Dying to Meet You (Director: Louise French)
White Lies (Director: Meg Gethin)
At the Gates of Valhalla (Director: Meg Gethin)

Alice in Cuckooland (Director: Kevin Tengvall)
The Health and Safety Inspector (Director: Meg Gethin)
The Not So Great Escape (Director: Meg Gethin)
Coffee Morning Chaos (Director: Meg Gethin)
Happy Campers (Director: Bob French)
Annie’s Love (Director: Katie Endersbee)
Yard Sale (Director: Meg Gethin)

Lady Godiva (Director: Louise French)
Ghosts at the Grange (Director: Debbie Tengvall)

Shenanigan’s Wake (Director: David Pettit)
Curiosity Cat (Directors: Louise French and Teghan Horne)

Hacienda del Toro (Director: Kevin Tengvall)
Up the Garden Path (Director: Kevin Tengvall)
Dear Diet Diary (Director: Debbie Tengvall)
Kevin’s Above (Director: Katie Endersbee)

Smalls Talk (Director: Mal Harper)
Golf, Marriage, and other Murderous Matters (Director: Louise French)

Robin Hood and His Merry Men (Directors: Mal Harper and Chrissy Harper)
Zoo (Director: Grant Stainer)
Two Weddings and a Conference (Director: Debbie Tengvall)

Scrooge – A Christmas Carol (Directors: Louise French and Meg Gethin)
I Only Have Fangs For You (Director: David Pettit)

The Three Musketeers (Directors: Mal Harper and Bob French)

Jack and the Beanstalk (Director: Kevin Tengvall)
An Uplifting Event – Bra Unclipping (Director: Louise French)
Farmer will swap harvester for wife (Director: Kristina Haggerty)

Sailing South (Directors: Meg Gethin and Kevin Tengvall)
Love or Nearest Offer (Director: Bob French)
Love and Other Flushes (Director: Beth Smith)
Love to Declare (Director: Vicki Moore)

Ma Baker’s Tonic (Directors: Mal Harper and Greg Shea)
A Little Murder never Hurt Anybody (Directors: Meg Gethin and Clayton Murray)

Jest at the West (Directors: Mal Harper and Greg Shea)